Tool and Helper Changes in NServiceBus Version 6

This is part of the NServiceBus Upgrade Guide from Version 5 to 6, which also includes the following individual upgrade guides for specific components:

Feature Details

Visual Studio PowerShell helpers removed

In NServiceBus versions 3 through 5, there is a NuGet package that provides helpers to generate XML configuration sections using the PowerShell console in Visual Studio.

For example, running the Add-NServiceBusAuditConfig ProjectName command would add the following section to the app.config file:

    <section name="AuditConfig"
             type="NServiceBus.Config.AuditConfig, NServiceBus.Core" />
  <AuditConfig QueueName="audit" />

These helpers have been removed in version 6. The configuration helpers encouraged creating a more complex XML configuration than was necessary, making it difficult to manage in the long run.

The recommended configuration approach is "code-first", which is more flexible and less error-prone than using the PowerShell helpers. The configuration can be read from any location at runtime, including the app.config. For more information about the API, refer to the configuration documentation dedicated to the particular functionality. For example, see how recoverability and audit queues can be configured using code API.

MSMQ ReturnToSourceQueue.exe

The MSMQ ReturnToSourceQueue.exe tool is deprecated. The code for this tool has been moved to ParticularLabs/MsmqReturnToSourceQueue. See the readme in that repository for full details.

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