Azure Functions (in-process) for Service Bus Upgrade Version 1 to 2

This version relies on NServiceBus.Transport.AzureServiceBus Version 2 which uses the new Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus SDK from Microsoft. See the transport upgrade guide for more details.

Registering NServiceBus

All public constructors of ServiceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration have been made internal.

Instead of

functionsHostBuilder.UseNServiceBus(() => new ServiceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration(endpointName));



The endpoint name can be inferred from NServiceBusTriggerFunctionAttribute if present.

[assembly: NServiceBusTriggerFunction("MyEndpoint")]

// ...

functionsHostBuilder.UseNServiceBus(); // Will use the name MyEndpoint
The constructed instance of NServiceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration already contains a reference to an IConfiguration instance from the host environment. It is not required to pass one in.


Instead of

functionsHostBuilder.UseNServiceBus(() =>
    var serviceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration = new ServiceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration(endpointName);
    var routing = serviceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration.Transport.Routing();
    routing.RouteToEndpoint(typeof(SomeMessage), "AnotherEndpoint");

    return serviceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration;


functionsHostBuilder.UseNServiceBus(endpointName, nsb =>
    nsb.Routing.RouteToEndpoint(typeof(SomeMessage), "AnotherEndpoint");

Static hosting model has been deprecated

The ServiceBusTriggeredEndpointConfiguration.FromAttributes() static factory method that was used in the preview package has been deprecated. Instead, use the host builder configuration model.

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