Samples supporting .NET Core

The following samples contain variants for both .NET Core and .NET Framework.

Both solutions are contained within the same zip file, and use the same underlying C# files, but with separate .sln and .csproj files.

For example, the Full Duplex sample download will contain:

  • FullDuplex.sln - Solution for .NET Framework
  • FullDuplex.Core.sln - Solution for .NET Core
  • Server - Project directory
    • Server.csproj - Project for .NET Framework
    • Server.Core.csproj - Project for .NET Core

Recommended samples

To get started with .NET Core and NServiceBus, the following samples are recommended:

General samples

Message transport samples

Persistence samples

All .NET Core Samples

This is the comprehensive list of samples that support .NET Core:

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